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Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

You have made a significant investment in time and money keeping your home and landscape looking its best. Don’t let that hard work disappear from sight when the sun goes down. One of the most important elements of a landscape design, low voltage landscape lighting, makes a huge impact on the appearance and ambience of your yard. Installation of low voltage lighting is both beautiful and practical.

Here are just some of the benefits:


Outdoor lighting can add safety by illuminating walkways, patios, stairs, decks, gardens, pools and outdoor seating areas. It will also help to warn you of the presence of scorpions, snakes and javelinas. Your family and friends can enjoy your outdoor spaces at night and safely move through those spaces.


A well-lit landscape gives a feeling of care and involvement, discouraging burglaries and trespassing.


Your outdoor space is an extension of your living space. Create an inviting space to entertain family and friends by adding attractive lighting to enable use of your outdoor space at night.


Make your yard a showplace by highlighting areas of your landscape with decorative lighting Installing lighting in areas such as flower gardens, trees and cactus, plantings, BBQ’s, pools, and fountains can add beautiful accents to your outdoor space.

Curb Appeal

Give your home a wow factor by installing low voltage landscape lighting. Your home will
appear warm and inviting, giving your neighbors the impression that you care about your property and enhancing the value of your property.

Today’s lighting comes in a huge variety of applications including up lighting, down lighting, wall washing, path and driveway lighting, twinkle lights, hanging tree lights, stair lighting, BBQ lighting and spot lighting to name just a few! Landscape lighting fixture selections are nearly endless, and in today’s marketplace you also get to choose from traditional, or energy saving, long lasting LED lighting.

If you would like to explore adding outdoor lighting to your home, call Goodman’s Landscape, LLC. at (602) 861-1144.

Phoenix Water Features – Fountain of Youth

water fountain phoenix
Maybe there is SOME truth to the myth about the Fountain of Youth! Although we don’t recommend drinking from outdoor fountains, we can tell you that spending time listening to, and watching the sparkling water of a fountain is likely to make you zone out enough to recall some youthful moments from days gone by.

Fountains are the one of the most economical and surest ways of destressing, and they can makewater feature stone even the hottest summer days seem a little bit cooler. A running fountain can also function as “white noise”, lowering or eliminating the sound of traffic, airplane and other less desireable sounds. Fountains come in all kinds of prefabricated shapes and sizes, or can be custom designed.

outdoor water fountains phoenixMaintenance is fairly simple, particularly if you stay on top of it. Check the water level daily (especially in summer mths). If it’s low add water. Use a net to clear out any debris daily. Smaller Ftns should be drained & scrubbed weekly, larger fountains every other wk or even mthly. Remove pump & clean it inside every other wk. Use a algae growth inhibitor in the water. Run your Fountain 24/7 or at least daily.

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Red Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia Pulcherrima) – Poisonous Plants

seed pods

Native to the West Indies, Central and South America Caesalpinia pulcherrima produces thin, flat 2.5” long bean pods which twist as they dry. The seed Pods and seeds are poisonous. It also has small furry looking thorns which are nevertheless sharp, make sure to wear long sleeves and gloves when pruning.

Why they are in our Landscapes: Red Birds are fast growing plants between 6 and 15ft tall and wide, are drought tolerant, take full sun, are salt tolerant and therefore grow well in our Phoenix soils. From March to October, they are reliable bloomers with colorful attention grabbing flowers.

Plant of the month JulyTheir dormant period in winter is excellent for strategic layering. Despite their showiness, it is not a good idea to use them in areas where small children or pets spend unsupervised time (due to the thorns and poisonous seed pods and seeds), or as the single focal point in your land- scape (due to their dormant stage).
Caesalpinia Pulcherrima

As stated earlier, knowing they go dormant does work to your advantage in planning year round color (landscape layering). Plant them in front or behind plants that bloom in the opposite season. They can also be used as an informal, open and colorful hedge or in groups for maximum impact. Unless you cut them back, keep in mind Red Bird of Paradisethat you’ll be looking at leafless, reddish brown sticks during the coldest winter months.

Avoid planting on the North side of your home or where the shrub will be subject to prolonged periods of shade. Also avoid planting in soil that receives a lot of water, or retains water. These conditions will make this shrub leggy and there will be little to no bloom.

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