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Disease, Environmental, Pest, and Animal Damage Prevention

Having been in business since 1984 we've run across just about every problem there is out there. Although the pictures below do not cover them all, there's a good representation shown below. Goodman's offers preventative maintenance and solutions to most of these problems, and employs Certified Sustainable Landscape and ALCA Certified Landscape Professionals who can diagnosis and recommend treatments for others.

Light Frost Damage
Light Frost Damage #1
Bush frost damage
Light Frost Damage #2
Major palm tree frost damage
Major Frost Damage #3
Major frost damage
Major Frost Damage #4
Girdled tree root damage
Girdled Tree Root Damage <#5
Girdled tree roots
Girdled Tree Roots #6
Lightning strike damage
Lightning Strike Damage #7
Palm tree lightning strike damage
Lightning Strike Damage #8
Tree monsoon storm damage
Monsoon Storm Damage #9
Monsoon storm damage
Monsoon Storm Damage #10
Monsoon storm damage to tree
Monsoon Storm Damage #11
Poor drainage (wet root damage)
Poor Drainage, Wet Root Damage #12
Overwatering damage
Overwatering Damage #13
Salt damage (underwatering)
Salt Damage/Underwatering #14
Diseased pigmy date palm
Diseased Pigmy Date Palm #15
Diseaded desert spoon
Diseased Desert Spoon #16
Javelina damage
Javelina Damage #17
Rabit damage
Rabbit Damage #18
Packrat damage
Packrat Damage #19
Agave snout weevil damage
Agave Snout Weevil Damage #20
Agave snout weevil
Agave Snout Weevil #21
Aphids #22
Lawn grub damage
Lawn Grub Damage #23
Lawn grubs
Lawn Grubs #24
Palo verde borer damage
Palo Verde Borer Damage #25
spider mite damage
Spider Mite Damage #26
spider mite damage bushes
Spider Mite Damage #27
Spring dead spot damage
Spring Dead Spot Damage #28
Nutgrass #29
Malfunctioning lawn head
Malfuntioning Lawn Head #30
Dog urine damage
Dog Urine Damage #31
Malfunctioning irrigation valve
Malfunctioning Valve #32

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