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Goodman’s Landscape Volunteer Work at Copperwood Elementary

As a small landscaping company that was founded in Arizona in1984, we take pride in our local communities. Whenever possible, our employees enjoy giving a helping hand to those that need it both with our time and expertise.

Goodman's Landscape volunteers

A Goodman’s Landscape Maintenance crew member teaches volunteers the basics on how to install irrigation drip lines to the plants for the school’s habitat.

This project came into our office as a pro bono opportunity to help out a local school as well as teach the basics of landscape installation techniques. The job called for a tortoise habitat to be constructed in a corner of the playground of Copperwood Elementary School in Phoenix.

The design for this project was supplied by an employee of the school. Services such as labor and coordination were supplied both by volunteers and by Goodman’s Landscape.

Once on the jobsite, the first step in the project was for the landscape team to remove all grass from within the designed project area. The next task was to lay down trenching for irrigation and all other needed utilities such as electrical wiring. The trenches were cut with a Groundhog trencher.

Following the trenching came the boring for fence posts surrounding the project area. Plant material was then installed along with the tortoise habitat and features of the habitat.

Many techniques were employed, and many tools were used in this project besides the Groundhog trencher. These included a Bobcat loader, jackhammers, which were utilized mostly for compacted digging, and a plate compactor for foundation compacting surrounding the newly installed habitat.

Landscape renovation half way point

You can see the midway point in the development of the tortoise habitat. Included is a perimeter boarder which will keep tortoises from escaping and also will deter unwanted guests. A small water feature doubled as a water source as well as a place for the tortoises to escape the heat.

Plant material was supplied by local nurseries and irrigation supplies were donated by Horizon Distributors. Hurley Trucking provided the container to house all building supplies throughout the project build. ABC sand and gravel was donated by Granite Express. Lafarge pavers were supplied by Phoenix Pavers. Supplies such as wheelbarrows, shovels, picks, rakes and dig bars were all provided by city of Glendale, Ariz.

Once all the plant material had been installed, we were left with a few tasks. First we needed to bore holes that would act as the post housings for the surrounding chain link fence. Secondly, the crew had to lay down a nice layer of 1/4” minus Madison Gold that will keep the dust down and looks a little bit better than the ground that was exposed after the existing sod was removed.

All in all, this was an amazing opportunity and display of coordination by the volunteers that helped make this possible. All of us at Goodman’s are grateful for the opportunity to provide Copperwood Elementary School with our landscape renovation services.

If you have a project or sponsorship opportunity that you are looking for support from a local landscaping small business, please submit your information through the contact form.

Newest Irrigation and Lighting Truck Build

At Goodman’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC, we believe that an amazing job starts with amazing employees utilizing their skills to get the job done right! One skill, unique to Goodman’s is the ability to completely fabricate all of our company trucks in-house. We modify the truck’s springs to be able to support the added weight that a landscaping truck experiences on a daily basis. We also add the storage, paint, and decals to the trucks.

The latest member of the Goodman’s truck fleet is a new 2500 HD for our irrigation and lighting service and install techs. We stripped it down to the bare bones. The truck was then inspected by our shop manager for the initial inventory review. Once completed, the truck is then mocked for side storage and top rack storage which is either bought pre-made or fabricated right in our shop. After the side and stop rack storages have been installed, it’s time for Goodman’s blue to start being applied to the truck. Once the paint process is completed, decals and DOT inspections are applied. It is now time for this irrigation and lighting truck to get to work helping Phoenix, Arizona residents with any of their landscaping needs!

With over 28 years of experience from our irrigation and sprinkler services team, and the use of our new irrigation truck, there isn’t a job we can’t handle.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you install a new irrigation and/or lighting system.

landscape lighting phoenix, az irrigation services phoenix phoenix irrigation and lighting irrigation and lighting truck fabrication

Top 17 Irrigation Problems Arizona Residents Face Each Year

As a full-service landscaping company in Phoenix, Arizona, we deal with all types of issues with our customer’s irrigation systems. We have an experienced staff that specializes in irrigation repair, so we get the job done right, the first time. Dealing with an irrigation expert like Goodman’s will help you save money in the long run because we don’t take short cuts when it comes to quality parts and our work. With our irrigation services, you know that your irrigation system will last the test of time.

Irrigation systems can be nice for Arizona residents because watering trees, plants, and a lawn with the right amount of water at the right time of day can be a challenge. The right amount of water depends on the type of plants you have. Making sure that you provide your plants with the correct quantity and frequency of water will help make sure your landscape stays beautiful. If your irrigation system isn’t working properly, then your plants aren’t going to last in the Arizona summer heat. Unfortunately, irrigation systems can sometimes be complex, so the typical homeowner could have difficulty troubleshooting problems themselves. In no particular order, check out the top 17 problems Arizona residents face each year with their irrigation systems. All of the pictures below are from irrigation problems that Goodman’s have corrected for our customers over the years.

1) Small leak in poly water line – leaks in poly water lines are fairly common, especially as your irrigation system ages. The picture below shows a line that is leaking underneath a palm tree, which makes it a bit more difficult to fix.
Small leak in Poly water line

2) Irrigation valve malfunction – depending on how long your irrigation valve is open and the amount of water that leaks, it could add quite a bit of money to your next water bill.
Irrigation valve malfunction

3) PVC pipe leaking – repairing a leak by patching it instead of replacing the pipe is the easier thing to do, but we recommend replacing the entire pipe so you don’t run into the same problem again down the road.
PVC Pipe leak

4) Broken sprinkler head – sprinkler heads can break because of a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are dogs, lawn mowers, people, and tree roots. Replace each sprinkler head as they break or you might find that your entire yard is full of broken sprinkler heads. Don’t worry, you can always call us, the sprinkler system repair experts to schedule an appointment.
Broken sprinkler head by roots

5) Old or deteriorated poly water line – As your system ages, make sure to inspect all of your lines for cracks and leaks. This will help prevent you running into a larger problem in the future.
Old poly water line

6) Tree roots pinching poly water line – this causes leaks and other nasty problems with your irrigation system. Running new lines to replace these are recommended.
Roots pinching poly water line

7) Old and deteriorated above grade valves – Inspecting your irrigation valves each year is recommended. If your system is quite old, it is probably time to change them instead of trying to repair them.
deteriorated above grade valves

8) Improper PVC pipe leak repair – this is an example of someone trying to repair a leak in a PVC pipe instead of replacing the entire pipe. Needless to say, their attempt didn’t work and the PVC pipe still had a slow leak.
Improper PVC repair

9) Broken irrigation timer module – the irrigation timer is the brain of your irrigation system so it needs to be maintained properly. If you have a broken timer, you have a broken system and you will need to replace the timer module.
Broken irrigation timer module

10) Valve box filled with water – making sure that you don’t have leaks in your valve box will help increase the life span of your entire irrigation system.

11) Broken lawn head because of roots – here is an example of a broken lawn head because of impeding tree roots. You need to first eliminate the tree roots and then replace or repair the lawn head.
broken lawn head because of roots

12) Broken valve diaphragm – rocks, pebbles, and other debris can get damage or break your valve diaphragms. Cleaning them out usually will fix the problem.
Broken Valve Diaphram

13) Debris in irrigation line – pebbles, rocks, and other debris can get into your irrigation line, which can cause flooding, and more. Cleaning them out regularly will help prevent any unwanted problems.
Debris in Irrigation Line

14) Clogged drip line – If your system isn’t running properly in certain areas, your lines might be clogged.
Clogged drip line

15) Debris clogging Y filter – Regularly cleaning out your Y filter will help maintain your irrigation system.
Debris clogging Y filter

16) Poorly installed irrigation component – There are quite a bit of examples of how-not-to install various irrigation components. This customer didn’t like how the vacuum breaker could be seen through the house’s window.
Poorly installed pressure vacuum breaker

17) Fungi growing in and on irrigation valves – this can happen when an irrigation system is neglected and not properly maintained each year.
Fungi growing on irrigation valves

Goodman’s Landscape is here to help!

Just like you take your car into a mechanic to get regular maintenance services, we recommend that you have a licensed irrigation expert inspect your irrigation system on a yearly basis to help prevent all of the irrigation problems above. It is better to catch the small problems and correct them right away before they turn into bigger problems later.

There is a wide range of irrigation systems available in today’s market and there is also plenty of ways to install them incorrectly. We are here to help. Give us a call to learn more about why Goodman’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC. has been a leading provider of irrigation system install and repair in Phoenix, AZ since 1984!

Happy Thanksgiving – Irrigation Part and Plant of the Month

Happy ThanksgivingWith sincere thanks and deeply felt gratitude to all of our customers, everyone at Goodman’s Landscape Maintenance join in sending you and your family our wishes for a bountiful and very Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for all of the amazing work that everyone does here at Goodman’s and to our customers. We wouldn’t be here without your continued support!

Texas Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora)

Other names include: Mescal Bean, Texas Mescalbean, Frijolito, and Frijolillo. This evergreen shrub or small tree grows to about 12 feet high, it has smooth bark, and its dark green oval leaflets are 1-2 inches long. It blooms from February to April, and it produces Wisteria-like lavender-blue flowers in 4 to 8 inch clusters. The silvery gray 1 to 8 inch seed pods open when ripe exposing red seeds. These small tree often times produce multiple trunks. Keep them in full sun or light shade. They tolerate Arizona alkaline well-drained soils. When moving a Texas Mountain Laurel, make sure to not disturb the root ball.

Texas Mountain Laurel

All parts of the Texas Mountain Laurel are toxic, however it’s the seeds that pack the highest concentration. If ingested, among other symptoms, you can expect to see profuse salivation, weakness, impaired vision and a slow heart rate.

Why is it in our landscapes?

It’s small size, Wisteria-like blooms, grape Kool-Aid / grape bubblegum scent and overall ornamental appeal make it a popular plant for small spaces. Avoid planting in areas where children or pets spend unsupervised time.

Irrigation Valve Solenoid – Irrigation Part of the Month

A solenoid is a component of a solenoid valve. Its basic function is converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. A small electrical current is sent to the solenoid spring, causing the spring inside to essentially become a tiny magnet. Coiling tighter as a result of the magnetic field it pulls a tiny piston backward, sealing off the hole that allows air into the chamber. With the release of air pressure, a diaphragm is pushed aside by incoming water which passes through the valve to feed the irrigation lines. When the programmed amount of time ends, the electrical feed is halted and the process reverses. You can usually tell a solenoid is malfunctioning because it’ll make a distinct “click” and hum or vibrate when it is activated.irrigation valve solenoid

How to change a broken irrigation valve solenoid:

  1. Disconnect both wires connected to the solenoid.
  2. Turn solenoid counter-clockwise until free of the valve.
  3. Screw in new solenoid by turning clockwise, hand tighten only, be careful not to over-tighten.
  4. Connect both wires to new solenoid using waterproof wire caps.

Goodman’s Landscape Maintenance has full-time irrigation repair and installation crews that are ready to help you with your next project. Contact us to learn more about our irrigation services in your local Phoenix and Scottsdale area.