Critters We Encounter

Hazardous duty, you bet! Power equipment, razor sharp cutting edges, uneven surfaces, precipices, steep hillsides, and our extreme summer temperatures can all be dangerous, but there's another element to yard care few people think about -- the critters!

While most dogs we encounter simply want to play, it's best that the crews not be distracted while working because of the equipment being used. Some dogs are more territorial than their owners are aware of and others get spooked by the power equipment. In both situations, dogs can exhibit aggressive or challenging behavior, which our crew members (or anyone for that matter) would understandably rather avoid. In single service situations such as Clean Ups, we respectfully request that pets be contained while we're on site. For new ongoing service customers, an introduction when possible, and your pet getting used to us over a period of time is all it takes for both pet and crew to feel comfortable. Our crews have dozens of doggy friends who, after greeting them when they arrive, either go into the house of their own accord or flop down somewhere and watch the crew do their thing.

While not all of the critters we meet are aggressive, our crews are constantly on the alert because a surprise encounter can lead to injury through loss of footing while holding a sharp tool, a bite, multiple stings, or other types of injuries or accidents.

Why brave the potential hazard's yourself, or work with uninsured contractors who, if injured while on your property, could end up costing you a lot of money. Hire Goodman's, our workers are covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance and our experienced yard care teams have an excellent safety record!