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Landscape Flower Pots and Flower Beds

Everyone loves cake, but what would it be without the icing? That’s exactly what pots & flower beds are to landscaping…the icing on the cake! While you cannot count on your shrubs and trees to provide color year round in Phoenix, you can enhance your landscape with pops of lasting color here and there*. Let Goodman’s create some cheery color scenes for your property!

You’ll find some pictures of our creations below, as well as a sampling of the extremely large variety of pots available in the today’s marketplace.

*Note: If installed and maintained properly, your pots and flower beds will only need to be refreshed twice a year.

Walkway Flower Bed #1

Flower Pots #2

Entryway Flower Pot #3

Walkway Flower Pot Beds #4

Walkway Flower Beds #5

Large Flower Bed #6

Pots & Flower Beds #7

Fence Flower Bed #8

Pool Flower Bed #9

Standing Flower Pot #10

Curved Flower Bed #11

Small Flower Pots #12

Medium Flower Pot #13

Large Flower Pot #14

Flower Pot and Bed #15

Flower Pots by Pool #16

Pots with Plants #17

Flower Pot with Palm Tree #18

Colorful Flower Pot #19

Flower Bed with Pot #20

Brown Flower Pots #21

Flower Bed with Palms #22

Flower Bed by Grass #23

Front Yard Flower Pots #24

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We install flower beds and flower pots in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley areas.

**Note: Free estimates include a written proposal outlining the scope of work and pricing. Conceptual and plan drawings are available at an additional cost

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