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Types of Reviews:

  1. Publishing an independent Online Review lets the public know what your experience with us has been and reaches the most potential customers!
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The Value of Reviews:

By supporting small businesses that source materials and hire local people, you are helping to establish a more stable and enduring economy for yourself and your family. With Internet searches as the most popular method of finding products and services, it is our hope that you will show your support by sharing your story online. We've included links to a few of the more popular online review sites to make it as easy as possible for you (scroll down). We've also included an overview of how to publish online reviews.

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Overview: Publishing Online Reviews

Most online review sites require that you establish a login, usually your email address, and a password prior to writing the review. In general, this is typically free of charge and extremely simple to do. If you have not already established a login and password on one of the sites listed below, click the picture of the site you want to use, follow the account creation or sign up steps once you are on the site, then type your review! Publishing the review when you have finished is the final step. This normally only takes a click of a button.

Some review sites, like Yelp, ask you to fill out a user profile as well as establishing a login and password. This helps their review Filter determine that you are a real person, rather than a Robot. Until you've built a history of reviews under your profile, your reviews may disappear after first being published. Reviews that disappear are held in a Filtered Reviews queue and will usually reappear after you established a history on the site.

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