Sprinkler System Repair

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Get full sprinkler system inspection by the experts

We make sure that your landscape irrigation system is thoroughly checked with our in-house landscape system inspection checklist. This comprehensive checklist will help us determine what needs to be fixed with your system. It also helps us prevent future problems by correcting them before they happen. This not only saves our customers time, it also saves them money because we end up fixing smaller issues before they become larger ones.

Our 6 Section Inspection Report includes:

1. Inspection of irrigation controllers

2. Backflow prevention assemblies

3. Pressure vacuum breaker (PVB)

4. Manual shut off valve

5. Irrigation valves

6. Drip lines

7. Sprinkler system (Grass)

1-Year warranty included

We stand by the quality of our work and services. We offer a 1-year warranty on all labor and parts that Goodman’s provides. You can learn more about our warranty details here.

Since 1984, Goodman's has been providing expert irrigation and sprinkler system services for Phoenix and surrounding area neighborhoods.


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When it comes to sprinkler system repair here in Phoenix, our professionals are industry experts with the experience to get your irrigation system back up and running without a glitch.

Our team has seen and fixed all types of problems. From sprinkler heads not distributing water evenly, to timer boxes that are on their last leg, there are no jobs too big or small for us. We are licensed for both residential and commercial properties. We have 2 dedicated sprinkler and irrigation trucks full of parts and equipment, so in most cases, we are able to fix your sprinkler system on the spot without having to waste time to go get extra parts like some of our competitors. Attention to detail, convenience, and professionalism are just some of the things you get when you team up with the Goodman’s Landscape Sprinkler team!

Here are a Few of the Sprinkler Repair Services we offer:



Fix or replace damaged or non-working sprinkler heads or nozzles in your system.


Replace poly-lines and drip heads that are damaged from the outside elements.


Eliminate fungi, insects, leaks, and broken parts from your valve system box.


Make sure that your timing box is properly setup for each Phoenix season.


Find & replace any leaking pipes throughout your sprinkler & drip system.


Repair or replace the vacuum breaker for your irrgation system.

Other sprinkler system services include:

  • New sprinkler system installation
  • System backflow prevention
  • Pressure regulators
  • Fertilizer systems
  • Installation of main irrigation lines
  • Shut off valve installation
  • Hose bibs and spigots