Dear David, it's the middle of May now and the plants, shrubs and trees are starting to really grow. The contours of the regarding in the front yard look just right, and now that your guys Fernando and David have installed and staked the Emerald "hybrid" Palo Verde tree in the back yard I am extra pleased. It looks great, and I am sure it will handle intermittent wind gusts like a champ. So I felt compelled to thank you and your people, who by-the-way always seem friendly, courteous, and hard working. After a summer of growth the landscape is going to be yet more beautiful. Now that I have some experience with the way you followed through for me I feel even more compelled to happily recommend you to my neighbors. A family from down the block stopped by a couple of weeks ago asking who installed the landscape -- which they thought looked great -- and I told him how satisfied I was with the work and professionalism of you and your crew!

M. Gardner, Phoenix