Adding Fragrance and Color to Your Landscape with Blooming Flowers

Adding Fragrance and Color to Your Landscape with Blooming Flowers

You can brighten the colors of your Phoenix landscape by adding plants that bloom in different seasons. The colorful blooming will not just add a nice variety of colors to your landscape, they will also provide a nice fragrance for your yard! When leuchophyllum’s are in bloom, they produce a nice light scent. There are varieties with evergreen green foliage and others with silvery green foliage.

Varieties that remain relatively small, 2 to 4 ft, are Thunder Cloud (L. candidum), Silvercloud (L. candidums), Rio Bravo (L. langmaniae), and Cimmaron Sage (L. zygophyluum).

Larger varieties, between 4 to 8 ft at maturity, are Green Cloud (L. frutescens) and Chihuahuan (L. laevigatum).

Leuchophyllums have earned the name “barometer bush” as they tend to bloom when humidity is higher. One of the trade offs to having fragrance in your yard is that human’s are not the only one’s who enjoy it, fragrance is a powerful attraction for bees and hummingbirds as well!

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