Leave Your Tree Removal to a Professional Team

Leave Your Tree Removal to a Professional Team

Chilean Mesquite

Trees in the landscape of your desert home add beauty, create shade, attract wildlife and increase value to your property. With the abundant sunshine here in Phoenix, the tree that once seemed to be the perfect addition to your yard may need to be removed. Although it may be a difficult decision, there are many reasons to consider it.

Reasons for Tree Removal

  • Dead or dying tree
  • Tree that requires too much maintenance or is too messy
  • Tree that have been damaged in a storm, such as struck by lightening
  • Tree is growing too close to power lines or buildings
  • Making room for other features such as a pool or BBQ
  • Water bill is too high
  • Making room for a new tree

Use a Professional for Your Tree Removal Project

Removing a tree is a big project and must be done safely. Tree removal professionals who are licensed, bonded, and insured, have the necessary skills and equipment to handle the project. In these photos, Goodman’s Landscape Maintenance crew members are hard at work removing a large Chilean Mesquite tree. Note the special safety equipment used in the removal of the tree. The crew will also haul away and dispose of all debris.