The ROI of Professional Landscape Design: Investing in Your Outdoor Oasis

When homeowners think about home improvements that offer a return on investment (ROI), they often focus on interior upgrades. However, the outdoor space surrounding your home is just as critical and investing in professional landscape design can yield a significant and rewarding ROI. In this article, we'll delve into the many ways that the expertise of a professional landscape designer can enhance your property's value, functionality, and long-term enjoyment.

Rejuvenating Your Lawn for the Summer

A lush green lawn provides a cool respite in the heat of our Phoenix summers. Bermuda grass is the grass of choice for summer lawns. It can take the desert’s hottest weather if it has enough water. This type of grass goes dormant, turning brown, in the fall when the night time temperatures start to fall below 55 degrees.

Fun Citrus Facts

Arizona is one of only four states, including California, Texas and Florida, able to grow citrus in the United States. Citrus trees are an important part of the Phoenix area sights and smells. Stroll around the neighborhood, especially in February and March, and enjoy the sweet scent of citrus blossoms in the air.

Leave Your Tree Removal to a Professional Team

Trees in the landscape of your desert home add beauty, create shade, attract wildlife and increase value to your property. With the abundant sunshine here in Phoenix, the tree that once seemed to be the perfect addition to your yard may need to be removed. Although it may be a difficult decision, there are many reasons to consider it.

Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

You have made a significant investment in time and money keeping your home and landscape looking its best. Don’t let that hard work disappear from sight when the sun goes down. One of the most important elements of a landscape design, low voltage landscape lighting, makes a huge impact on the appearance and ambience of your yard. Installation of low voltage lighting is both beautiful and practical.

Managing Your Olive Trees

Olive trees are a truly beautiful tree native to the Mediterranean that thrive here in the Phoenix area providing much needed shade. They are very hardy trees which are drought tolerant, disease and fire-resistant. They can grow nearly 30 feet tall and as wide.