The Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Phoenix, AZ

To compound the problem, thatch buildup can act as a barrier preventing water and other crucial nutrients from penetrating to the lawn’s root zone.

Aeration works best when a machine specially designed for this task is used (a mechanical core aerator). The machine removes small plugs of soil and places them on top of your lawn, leaving holes that allow nutrients and water to reach the root system.

What is Lawn Scalping and Thatch?

What is Lawn Scalping?

In terms of preparing a lawn for overseeding, scalping is lowering the level of the Bermuda lawn to allow Rye seeds better access to soil and sun after it’s been spread. The best practice is to set the mower on a progressively lower setting each time the lawn is mown until the desired height is reached – approx.

Winter Lawn Overseeding in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona residents are lucky, unlike other parts of the country, you have a choice whether to keep your lawn green all year, or to let it go dormant. Most people do chose to keep it green. In addition to being more esthetically pleasing than a straw colored lawn, maintaining a healthy green lawn all year provides the added benefit of keeping weeds from getting a foothold in your lawn.